About Us

A Legacy of trust

At InfoTel, we understand that business thrives on security. For over 20 years, InfoTel Pakistan have provided personalized solutions for firms sharing sensitive data in complex IT environments; safeguarding our clients and helping them to succeed.

From secure card payments to integrated solutions for transaction and communication protection, InfoTel provides specialized services based on cryptography that allow your organization to function with ease. We support financial institutions and governments in complying with data privacy regulations, to reduce the risk of breach and establish confidence with clients. Smart payment infrastructure, advanced authentication services, general-purpose encryption, training and consultancy are just some of services we offer to protect and enhance our customers.

To deliver on diverse needs, InfoTel’s services are adaptable and evolve with the unique requirements of growing companies. We ensure that transactions and communications remain safe at every stage of your organization’s growth.

Clients call it a weight off their shoulders; we call it end-to-end security with endless possibilities.