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The changing face of electronic commerce hints to a much greater use of automated trading.

Individuals and companies located in different countries who my never have physically met will be ordering products and carrying out various business and personal financial transactions electronically.

Transaction Security

Increased convenience and greater vulnerability go hand-in-hand in the eCommerce and mobile banking spheres. The unique challenges of transaction security can be managed with InfoTel’s integrated solution powered by Thales Host Security Modules. Our cryptographic solutions protect thousands of transactions across Pakistan every hour, curbing fraudulent payments and transfers.

InfoTel provides a complete range of card payment and e-business solutions including:

  • End-to-end services for chip card issuance
  • Secure PIN verification and electronic signatures
  • Risk/fraud management
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Network & Communication Security

With data confidentiality covered, InfoTel goes the extra mile to guarantee authenticity and availability of information for your business.

Compatible with the entire range of networks, our solutions secure information for businesses and government agencies, including top-secret military applications.

InfoTel’s offered solution is based on Thales, broad range of high-speed, high-bandwidth platforms for IP network encryption (IPsec), Link & Layer 2 encryption, and High Grade Government encryption to reinforce national security on every level – from the Sensitive but Unclassified through to Top Secret information categories.

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Card Issuance & Mailing System

InfoTel helps organizations save on cost, volume and size with a full range of personalized encoding technologies. Our innovative card mailing systems and ID card printers securely and efficiently issue key documents such as financial cards, passports, driving licences, or access control cards.

An extensive product portfolio from Matica features custom-designed high speed, midrange, and desktop solutions for ID cards, access control and transportation applications.

Keeping with our philosophy that your systems should grow with your business, our products come in standardized modules that allow for flexibility and upgrading as needed.

Financial institutions, advanced healthcare systems, education, large-scale retail loyalty programs, and telecommunication companies all count on our centralized or de-centralized systems to fulfill their card production needs.

To serve you better, InfoTel also provides the card sorting and mailing systems that you need to easily get the card from production to the ultimate user.

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Enterprise Security & data base Encryption

Databases can be treasure troves of sensitive information, hosting a wealth of personal data, confidential competitive information, and intellectual property. Lost or stolen data, especially customer information, can result in brand damage, competitive disadvantage, and serious fines—even lawsuits. Many current privacy mandates require protecting data at rest. Databases are obvious places where data accumulates, staying potentially accessible to range of business systems and users.

InfoTel’s solution for database encryption works seamlessly with business processes; ensuring data security without disrupting their everyday workflow. Covering all points in the payment stream, merchants and processors can reliably protect data through our trusted Thales nShield Series hardware security modules (HSMs).

Infotel also provides technology for implementing data protection within cloud systems, enabling your organization to shield information during the sensitive process of migrating to the cloud. Trust InfoTel’s comprehensive data protection to unite end-to-end encryption, tokenization and data masking, to effectively protect PCI cardholder information.

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EMV Personalization Validation & Brand Test Tool

InfoTel offers testing from UL for EMV payment products according to international card personalization regulations; assessing and validating profiles for all major payment schemes.

With this tool, users can easily enter, authenticate, retrieve and examine all personalization data from EMV smart card applications, through chip, magnetic stripe, embossing data, asymmetric keys or PIN.

UL has been involved in payment system projects of every kind, including EMV migration projects, contactless payments, host card emulations (HCE), mobile payment (NFC, HCE) implementations and cloud-based payment systems.

Designed with the user in mind, the tool\’s explorer functionality provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of all personalization data on an EMV Card. The validation functionality checks the legitimacy of a card application personalization and provides explanations of errors, along with handy observations. To back this up, InfoTel’s tool can also check mobile payment parameters for secure element- and cloud-based payment products.

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Financial Card Supplies EMV & Magstripe

InfoTel offers a full range of card products to suit your EMV (Contact & Contactless) (this addition appears in larges fonts on the website) / Magstripe Credit, Debit, and Pre-paid card profiles. Catering to diverse marketing priorities and technical requirements, we provide cards in a range of materials, including metal, PVC, PET and in a variety of shapes to ensure that your product stands apart from the rest.

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