Our Solutions

EMV Migration

Maintaining control over data is paramount for card issuers transitioning between technologies. InfoTel provides turnkey hardware/software solutions to allow cost-effective in-house migration from magnetic stripe cards to EMV smart cards. Developed in conjunction with MasterCard and Visa and certified with UnionPay, JCB, Amex and Dinners, our EMV data preparation solution is an innovative product that lets card issuers generate and control their cryptographic data in-house or through managed services.

Our EMV solution also supports Instant or Branch Issuance.  Instant Issuance is seen as a very attractive way to gain and maintain cardholders, it brings unique opportunities and features that will attract consumer and improve customer satisfaction.

Instant issuance or branch issuance is an alternative method of card issuance at the point of service for instant delivery to clients. This is in contrast to central batch issuance at the bank\’s processing center or at a third part processing center. Instant issuance can be integrated with variety of Desktop Thermal printers, desktop embosser for the indent, emboss and thermal printing which can personalize Debit, Pre-paid and Credit Card using magnetic stripe, contact chip & contactless technologies or a combination of them.

InfoTel’s end-to-end integrated EMV Solution is powered by industry leaders, including Thales, VeriSoft, Matica & UL.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Trusted digital credentials, such as keys and certificates, are essential for businesses to control how users and entities access critical data and system resources. InfoTel offers a range of PKI services to help organizations design effective frameworks to create secure business environments and boost eCommerce.

With EMV Card Authentication designed specifically for the regional EMV Card scheme, our solution manages all issuer and certificate authority tasks required for the issuance of chip cards on the Domestic Payment Scheme. Today, encryption is needed across large user populations, and InfoTel creates a trusted ecosystem with certificate authorities to create the PKI that you need.

2FA (Two – Factor Authentication)

InfoTel customizes 2FA architecture for secure internet banking. This service operates according to the requirements of the local financial industry, including banks, the Stock Exchange, brokerage houses, online traders as well as B2B and B2C service providers.

Advanced authentication services offered by InfoTel are market-driven solutions that truly cater to customers needs. The extra tier of security that is the cornerstone of 2FA enhances confidence in a business ability to protect its clients. Our 2FA services include secure internet banking using hardware tokens, mobile applet, key fobs and IP Geo location.

3-D Secure Services (VBV & Securecode)

Today card issuers must maintain the fine balance of providing an effective eCommerce experience while protecting customers and preventing loss through fraud. Authenticating cardholders during Card Not Present (CNP) purchases must be done seamlessly, to maintain cardholders confidence in the security of their eCommerce transactions.

Keeping in view that banks must protect themselves as well as their customers, InfoTel offers scalable solutions to cater to widespread new technologies, like the newly developed 3-D secure protocol, VBV services and Secure Code. Our services include multi-channel authentication providing a consistent user experience across internet banking, eCommerce and IVR, through multiple devices including PCs, MACs and mobile phones.

Confidence in our product is evident. InfoTel is partnered with CA Technologies, which is used, by over 13,000 issuers and 150,000,000 Cardholders worldwide. Banks, as well as end-users, trust InfoTel’s 3-D secure service to keep user-experience smooth and transactions safe.

Digitalization: The Banking Transformation

Today’s demand of banking is: anytime anywhere banking. this requires innovative, robust, secure, optimized and ready to meet the expectations of empowered and tech-savvy customers. To address this need InfoTel with its International partners offered various Innovative solutions and we are trying to keep pace with new technologies such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. In addition to that our digital banking solution also comprises of Mobile Banking, QR Code acceptance, Automatic enrollment of customers via Biometrics.

InfoTel Instant Issuance Kiosk

InfoTel partneering with Verisoft and offered customize design and Manufactures multi functional self service kiosks for all your alternative delivery channels.

Our kiosks are custom designed according to organization specific needs.

Our kiosks provide following options:

  • Instant Card Issuance
  • Card Renewals
  • PIN Select / PIN Change
  • Cash Top Up / Cash Sale of Prepaid Cards
  • Statement Printing
  • Agreement Printing
  • Document Scanning
  • Bill Payment
  • Money Transfer
    and more functions…